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On location, location, location

There are few bigger lifestyle decisions than choosing a home, so when Oakmore Property Services approached us to redevelop their website we knew selling a way of life was important. To achieve this we went on location to film and photograph some of the properties in Belfast that they manage.

Property Management

Oakmore Property Services can store each property’s details via our Content Management System. This makes the property searchable via Location, Price and Property Type. Each property also integrates with Google Maps and Street View.

Property Management

Listings Made Simple

Property Agents in Northern Ireland need to have Properties on their own website, as well as Property News and Property Pal. Staying on top of listings across multiple websites was proving time consuming and tedious. We developed our property management system to connect with various property listings APIs. This means that Oakmore can make updates to a property listing from one simple, easy to manage place that will reflect over all property websites.

Listing Made Simple

Mapping Your Next Move

The surrounding area is almost as important as the house you live in. Our Google Maps integration allows potential tenants to see exactly where the property is and see nearby ammenities. Using the street view tab, the user gets a first hand peek into the area before even viewing the property.

Mapping Your Next Move

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