Photography Matters

by Clark Caughey on 24th Feb 2017

Clark Caughey

The clichés are true, a picture really can say a thousand words. On the internet cognitive decision making happens at a millisecond level. Your choice of photography can make or break your online presence so what do your images say about you?

Why are photos so important?

In motorsport a driver starts a race by reacting to a change of lights. The very best drivers are able to do this in as little as 0.100 seconds. In athletics if a runner leaves his blocks within 0.100 seconds of the starters gun firing it is considered a false start. This is because the brain can react to visuals much quicker than noises. The same rule of thumb applies to your website as the user’s brain reacts to imagery faster than it can distinguish and understand text. Therefore it is important that your photography portrays your company in the way you want to be seen as it is your very first point of contact with your user when the page loads.

Can't I just use stock photography?

In some cases stock images are the only viable way to get the shot that you need but they don’t tell YOUR story. People feel emotions based on what they see - whether you’re showcasing products or a service it is important to relate the emotions you want your user to feel. Work in the financial sector? You want people to feel they can trust you with their money so friendly, personable but professional imagery helps build that trust.

City image created by Creativeart -

People are lazy

As much as you like to think users always read content the reality is most people scan over it unless you are able to create a bond with them that makes them want to read more. This becomes multiplied when a user lands on your website from a search engine. Strong photography can summarise your products or services while giving a user an insight to how your company works, your ethos and even your location - helping to form a bond that can be the difference you making a sale, or the sale going to one of your competitors.

Using images of customers cars immediately lets people know what industry Blackline work in

How have we helped our clients?

Many of our clients have availed of our photography service. One recent example is Sam Macdonald of High Sea Spirits who runs a very unique business which takes visitors on a whisky tour from the North Coast of Ireland to Islay, Scotland. Sam hired us to capture the journey across the Northern Channel where we shot images of his customers sampling, conversing and learning about whisky, all set against a background that made it clear that it was a sea tour. These images help set the tone of the business, show that it is a fun and informative trip while also giving the user of an indication what they will see and do on the day.

Tourists on a High Sea Spirits tour talking and drinking whisky
Laphroaig Distillery, Islay - one of the places you will visit on a High Sea Spirits tour
Profile photo of High Sea Spirits tour guide, Sam MacDonald

Other clients we have shot photos for include Cottage Catering, Oakmore Property Services, Ireland Craft Beers, Blackline Performance, Titanic Suites, Steelweld, High Sea Spirits, Express Freight & Belfast City Office.

Gavin Black of Blackline Performance woodworking in his workshop
Clocks from an Audi S4 used for Blackline Performance's tuning service

We helped Express Freight capture their fleet of delivery lorries

For a further examples of our work check out our photography page.

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